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This is an interview that I conducted with a friend from my high school days, Chris Jean. These days, he is a self-employed writer-producer-director and also owner of a small media company, Moonlight Entertainment. I want to thank Chris for taking time out of his busy schedule to give us a little insight into his career, work, and business.

When you have downloaded what you want to put on your iPod, you can either put it directly on the device, or you can create a playlist. A playlist is a good idea if you have a great deal of music and want to organize it quickly, making it easier to find what you want to hear when you want to hear it. The icons on the bottom of the iTunes library screen will allow you to create a playlist.

Never consistently compare your own little ones to others, especially when they are pretty small. Each child develops at his / her individual rate and a number of the original milestones tend not to suggest anything about the long term traits of your own child.

Scott: I think we felt “Isolation” had done very, very well, obviously, as our first true number one single. “Ghost Of Days Gone By” is somewhat of a different song, but it still has parts where it rocks. We are hoping that it might appeal to a broader audience. Any chance to try and gain some more fans and find different radio formats we can branch out too.

This issue here was a report of too many videos which the student claimed to be pornographic. A list of videos was created and sent to the executives of Gold Gym, upon which the executives determined that the videos were in fact not in accordance with the media that they wish to display in their facilities. In response, the gym has agreed to closely view any Download Latest Burna Boy Songs to assure that they match the moral standard of the gym’s policies before they will play them in the gym.

Scott: Yeah, he does all of our merch. He just has a real great eye for the type of imagery we are looking for, and I think we all kind of share that same idea. He has always done great by it. I think with the Blackbird record we changed around a few things here and there to get the birds head the right size compared to the wings, but that was it. He is certainly very open to it.

The idea here is to begin the fade-up at the point when the speaker stops talking. The music will carry the sequence into and through the montage, and fade-out just as the speaker begins talking again. Mute your main theme while making these adjustments. If you copy and paste a clip that is too short no problem, it can be stretched back to the original length if you really want. The trims or ‘marks’ do not affect the actual digitized clip. Save your project when you are done making adjustments to the audio track.

Rumor has it that Metro PCS have students and the budget-minded individuals in mind, so when the Samsung R720 is released, it just may have a reasonable price tag compared to other smart phones. The Samsung R720 is projected to be one of the best first time user smart phones of today. So if your looking at the Samsung R720 Metro PCS is telling its customers the wait is almost over.

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